Flexible sessions - What makes us the best for you:

Flexible sessions

As working parents we begrudged paying for childcare that we didn't need, so why would we do the same to you!!! We offer 'flexible sessions' for families that pay for childcare over and above their government funded hours, or families that use the 30hrs of funding. So, an example of how this works:

We have a parent who starts work at 8am and finishes work at 2pm. That parent drops her child off at 7.30am and collects her child at 2.30pm. Most nurseries would charge the parent for a full afternoon session (usually up to 5 or 6pm), where we only charge until the child is collected.

Flexible sessions are produced on an individual basis so we are very happy to discuss your requirement with you and we can show you how you can save £££ each year on childcare with us.


Government funded sessions

We offer families the chance to use 30hrs, 15hrs and 'two year old' government funding.

With the 'two year olds' funding and the 15hrs funding we offer sessions between 9am - 4pm where parents can choose the sessions they want.

For families that are entitled to 30hrs of funding we can 'stretch' the sessions across the whole day.


Longer opening hours

We are open from 7.30am - 6pm Monday to Friday. We know that families sometimes need an 'extended day' and we're happy to offer that service to you.

'Emergency childcare' - We know that families can need extra childcare sessions, particularly when an 'emergency' arises. We will do our very best to give you as many 'extra' sessions as we can, rather than you having to stick with just your 'set sessions'.